Michael Ray Concert

Fireworks sure did fly when this sizzling recording artist stepped on stage.

Not often does the opportunity come along to view a concert and the creation of a commercial from behind the lens. When the Bartow Ford Marketing Team was offered the chance to have an all access pass behind the scenes of a Michael Ray concert, there was no hesitation. Beyond Imagination Media Group was invited along to document the concert process and create a customer testimonial featuring Michael Ray.

The afternoon kicked off with the Nashville recording artist arriving for sound check with his band. Michael was invited to open for Aaron Tippin at the July 4th, 2012 Freedom Fest in Lake Wales, FL. The outdoor venue was equipped with every stage necessity you could imagine, from lighting to extreme amps. The six piece band, consisting of 3 guitarists, a drummer, and keyboardist, began their routine of tweaking instruments, adjusting to their new surroundings, and greeting early concert goers.

After sound check wrapped, the Band loaded up their Ford E350 Tour Van and went for a little R&R before they jumped back on stage. The transformation from stage to pavement wasn’t shocking at all; the guys displayed the same electrified energy they radiated on stage.

During this break the camera crew got an exclusive interview with Michael Ray for an upcoming commercial, filled with genuine emotion and character. Michael sat on a stool in a secluded barn with a rustic country backdrop behind him complete with acres of land. As the clouds rolled in, the heavy rain on the tin roof filled the stables and added the perfect ambiance to this expressive testimonial. Michael graciously answered various questions based on his experience with Bartow Ford and the relationship he has formed with the company. As the Q&A wrapped, “show time” began.

Before the band stepped on stage a prayer was said and a few pre-concert rituals took place. With the first beat of the drum and the first strike of a cord the energy from the crowd pulsated through the air. Even before Michael stepped on stage, the harmonious southern rock experience began. This Bartow Ford sponsored artist kept the crowd hyped with heartfelt self-written lyrics and cover songs.

The presence of this country music artist and his interaction with the audience was extraordinary to watch. Towards the middle of his performance, Michael gave an affectionate shout-out to a little girl, Elizabeth Pranger, that he has dedicated the song, “23rd Psalm” to. After playing a 45 minute set he wrapped up with a crowd-pleasing cover, and set the platform for Aaron Tippin to perform.

The second Michael and his band members set their first foot off stage they were bombarded with autographs and photo requests. They were all more than pleased to oblige the audience with their wishes and stayed until the last autograph was signed, and the last photo was snapped. It was a really special opportunity to not only see how the band gets ready for a show and how they interact with one another but to also experience the relationship they create on stage with their fans.