Born in Bartow, FL, the youngest child of 5 siblings’, Mike Maskolunas credits his mother as his role model in life, “She was my mentor, sheMike and Wife-young taught me about politeness, that the other person comes first, and to always have faith in God.”

Instilling his core belief of putting others first has proven to be an essential part of Mike’s successful strategy for life and business.

His professional epiphany became ingrained when while attending Bartow High School the student accepted an after school job at a local full service gas station. It was there that the youth discovered his love for mending automobiles. When an older car came in for restoration, the curious teen observed its revival from start to finish, “I just knew that I wanted to make cars look new again.”

To always reside in Bartow was Mike’s intendment. But his desire to reach a higher educational attainment, lead him to Nashville Diesel College in Tennessee. After absorbing all he could from the trade college, the young professional returned to the Polk County community where his career took off like a dragster receiving a green light.

Once home the graduate worked briefly at a local Buick dealership but within six weeks of his career embarkation an opening at a hometown Ford dealership prompted the ambitious teenager to seek a new job opportunity; Bartow Ford became the auto enthusiast new home.

The qualified technician’s talents grewMike and Wife rapidly at the dealership, making professional advancements from warranty and detail to body tech helper, and presently-Collision Center Manager.

Mr. Maskolunas has devoted three decades of employment and his leadership role has been a fundamental cultivator of the Collision Center’s growth and an integral part of the Bartow Ford culture.

“Mike has evolved the Collision Department to an efficient and profitable operation. The longevity of his team reflects Mike’s admirable leadership” commended Bartow Ford President, Benny Robles, Sr.

Throughout the 30 years of service the dedicated manager has become a self-advocator for Bartow Ford in the public, “You can go anywhere and say you work at Bartow Ford, and you will find a person that says, hey I bought my car over there, I love Bartow Ford!”

His admiration for the company is apparent in the way he handles his day to day business.  “The devotion to his family and Bartow Ford is a quality that we should all strive to attain” gushed former superior, Denny Mullis.

In Mike’s spare time, he enjoys fishing and hunting and spending time with his family. “My family Mike with Daughter comes first, my hobby is my family. Whatever they want to do, I want to do” crediting his three kids as his greatest achievements.Mike with Sons

Having spent the majority of his life and time at Bartow Ford, Mike acknowledges the values and lessons he has viewed and helped curate, “That’s what a business is really made of, a core of employees that really want to be here. It’s where the pride kicks in because we are all a part of that.”